"Hey! You are having a shit day, you are LOVED and You are NOT Alone!”

We can’t be a Badass Everyday and winning all the time. But we can damn well try and make the most of what we can. For the days when we aren’t we can definitely support one another.

Send a warm hug in a box to dear friend who always rocks at what she does but doesn’t seem like she is having a rockstar day… today. Be her biggest cheerleader and show her you have her back and you are here for her if she needs you.

These Luxury Self-care gift packages are for women. To celebrate how amazing women truly are and the things that we go through does matter.

Each package is a beautiful giving experience which starts before it is even opened.

Since we lady hustlers are time poor. Our schedule is so hectic so I have provided a one stop shop of quality, ethical, Self Care Gift packages that make women feel loved, valued and beautiful.

Products in the packages are:

Eco - friendly 


⦁ Organic


Giving back to causes

⦁ Supporting Small women Owned businesses

These packages are for hard times when you don’t know what to say...it’s a warm hug in a box.

It’s for the times when a friend is heartbroken, lost a loved one or just having a Shit day.

It’s ok to admit you are having a shit day we are only human and things happen all the time.

It’s nice to reach out and send some love to another women.

Something thoughtful, inspiring and something for her.

So yes!

You are having a shit day!

It’s OK you are loved and you are NOT alone.

If you feel like you are not caring enough about you then you should buy one and treat yourself.

Let’s face it, the flowers & chocolate combo just isn’t enough!

This is the gift that keep on giving!

Giving to a friend in need

Giving and Supporting women in Business and their amazing products

Giving to causes

Make a difference to a friend’s life or your own and send her a warm hug in a box to feel valued, loved and Inspired.

We all deserve it!

Remember you are Gifted and be Fearless!

These Packages can be for other occasions too.

For a Hen’s night, for a bride to be, for the bridal party to thank them for being a part of this special day,

for an employee who is always going above and beyond,

a teacher’s gift for the one who truly deserves a care package for all that she does for the children.

Whatever the occasion please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Remind her to allow herself to be BEAUTIFUL


Remind her to be true To herself and Embrace It

Sugar Sugar Body Oil

Sugar, Sugar, how you get so fly?

You’ll be diggin’ the energy of this body oil with its fresh, yet warm scent.

It will have you lifted feeling so gifted with the tender and exquisitely rich and sweet fragrance combination of strawberry, indulgent vanilla and white musk.


Apricot Kernel Oil:

This oil is mild enough that you can use it daily. rich in both Vitamins A and E it is non-irritant and soothing.

Apricot kernel oil is suited to all skin types including sensitive skin

Avocado Oil:

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, avocado oil helps skin to stay smooth, strong, and improves elasticity and skin tone

Macadamia Oil:

Macadamias are not only delicious to eat, but our skin happily soaks up the beneficial properties of this oil!

Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, macadamia oil is rich in naturally occurring vitamin e and is fantastic for dry and mature skins that have a low production of natural occurring sebum

Vitamin E Oil:

Full of antioxidants, this oil is busy fighting off the free radicals. vitamin e promotes healthy skin, and helps to reverse the signs of ageing.

This deliciously decadent, ultra nourishing body oil is stocked in the "Afternoon Delight - Self Care Gift Package."

Go treat yourself or a friend going through a tough time and in need of a warm hug in a box .

Send some love, value and to inspire her that she is Gifted and Fearless.