Self care gift package box, body oil, face mask set, scented candle, handmade soap and soap holder
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Sugar Sugar body oil
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Afternoon Delight - Self Care Gift Package

Afternoon Delight - Self Care Gift Package

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This afternoon take time out and nurture the mind, body and soul. Recentre yourself, fill your cup and be the best person for you and your loved ones. Self Care is not Selfish! Spend this afternoon cleansing any negativity and embracing the beautiful you. You constantly give in all that you do in your daily life and to the ones you love. You are enough! Be reminded you are Gifted and fearless in all that you do. Take this Afternoon to Delight in you because you deserve it and you are worth it!

This Package Includes:      
1. Cacao and Amber Candle
It's something a bit different but it's a nice warming scent which is comforting especially on a cold winter's night. The perfect blend of cacao and amber makes this just sweet enough to make you want to eat it.
                                           Made from 100 % Soy wax.                                                                                                                               
2.Glow Face Mask Set
Includes Mask brush & Spoon. A deep cleansing treatment mask to gently buff away dead dull skin cells. Purify the pores, absorbs excess dirt and oil from the skin while depositing essential vitamins and minerals to leave your skin with a healthy, glowing bright complexion. Suitable for Sensitive, Combination or Normal skin types.

Ingredients: French Pink Argile clay, Zeolite clay, White Kaolin Quartz clay, Bentonite clay, Pineapple fruit extract, Willow bark herbal  
                                                                                                                                                                  3.Rose Geranium and Patchouli handmade soap
Enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil, quality natural ingredients and essential oils, this soap will moisturise, nourish and soften the skin while washing away daily environmental pollutants.

100% VEGAN. No Parabens. No Synthetic Fragrances. THC (drug) free.          
4. Bass Body Care Sisal Soap Holder with drawstring
'No more dropping your soap, exfoliating salt or sugars all over your shower floor. This soap holder allows you to drop your favourite soap into the holder. You are cleansing and exfoliating at the same time! It eliminates dry and dead skin cells and help your skin breathe. Make cellulite a thing of the past as dirt and grime are washed away and your lymphatic system is stimulated to rid your body of toxins. Made from 100% natural sisal, Bass Body Care Sisal Soap Holder Pouch is biodegradable. Use as often as needed, rinse thoroughly after use and hang up to dry.                                                                                         
5. Sugar Sugar Body oil
Sugar, sugar, how you get so fly? You’ll be diggin’ the energy of this body oil with its fresh, yet warm scent. it will give you a lifted feeling of being so gifted with the tender and exquisitely rich and sweet fragrance combination of strawberry, indulgent vanilla and white musk.

  • Apricot Kernel Oil: this oil is mild enough that you can use it daily. rich in both vitamins a and e, it is non-irritant and soothing. apricot kernel oil is suited to all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • Avocado Oil: rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, avocado oil helps skin to stay smooth, strong, and improves elasticity and skin tone
  • Macadamia Oil: macadamias are not only delicious to eat, but our skin happily soaks up the beneficial properties of this oil! hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, macadamia oil is rich in naturally occurring vitamin e and is fantastic for dry and mature skins that have a low production of natural occurring sebum
  • Vitamin E Oil: full of antioxidants, this oil is busy fighting off the free radicals. vitamin e promotes healthy skin, and helps to reverse the signs of ageing                                      
 6. Alter Eco Chocolate Truffles
Fans of this award-winning truffles will recognise the organic, deep, smooth Ecuadorian chocolate surrounding these sumptuous truffles. Inside, nourishing coconut oil meets milk and cacao for an oh-so-creamy centre.
Ingredients: Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut oil, Organic Whole Milk, Organic Vanilla Beans, Natural Flavours.
Wrapped in plant-based,non GMO, compostable wrappers.