About Me

Hi my name is An and I am the founder of Gifted & Fearless.
Picture of founder, An Le

A history of abuse, betrayal and external threats lead to feeling trapped, unfulfilled and broken. From this experience I found the importance of Self Care.

Self Care is important. When we are constantly giving it’s easy to forget about 1 important person. That is you. If we fail to care for ourselves we are no good to ourselves and this affects the ones we love too. When we care for ourselves it uplifts us and everyone around us. When we are not at our best or happiest then we are not really not much fun to be around with. 

So in alignment with my two passions of Supporting & Lifting women in the hard times and I absolutely love Gift Giving became start of the creation of Gifted and Fearless.

Gifted and Fearless evolved to be a “hug in a box” to say “Hey! You are having a shit day, You are loved and You are NOT alone". To give in loving, embracing the beautiful you and lifting other women when she needs you the most.
These Luxury Self-care packages for women is to celebrate how amazing women are, and the things we go through does matter.

When it comes to gifting I personally go above and beyond for whomever I am gifting to. I love gifts that are customised to a person’s love and personality. I always like to show how much I appreciate who they are and what they love. The end result of seeing them with a smile on their face or that they are touched is always so worthwhile, beautiful and rewarding.