White gift box with bath salt, tea,  tea infuser, scented candle and journal
White Gift Box With Black Ribbon
Bath salt - ride it! My peony!
Tea - Byron Bliss calming tea
scented candle with coconut, lime and elderflower
Journal -  She's Like Nothing The World Has Ever Seen Before
Journal - every woman ..has the right to become herself

A Perfect Night In - Self Care Gift Package

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Why Not have A perfect night in? Stop, be in the present moment, breathe and give yourself some love. Give yourself time to love and care for yourself. Play your favourite tunes, light up a candle and perhaps your favourite drink and have a nice soak. Finish off with a calming tea. I know how hard it is to confide in anyone through the hard times, share your thoughts feelings and fears. So I have included a journal so you can write to your hearts content and look back later and be reminded, at that stage in your life it was hard and you survived. You are better than before and to see your strength is fulfilling and amazing.  You are Gifted and continue to be Fearless.  

This Package includes:     
                                                                                                                                                                                                      1. Ride It, My Peony -  Bath salt
With a subtle freshness of lychee and exquisite softness of pink peony petals. the things this will do to you with its alluring fragrance and fruity floral combination will take you to your limits. pink peony calms and soothes your senses. come on… jump on it.
  • Epsom Salt: when absorbed through the skin, Epsom salts work to relieve muscle tension, pain, and joint inflammation. the perfect answer to alleviate tension headaches and dreaded PMS cramps.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: infuses the skin and body with minerals and hydration, also works as a powerful detoxifier. when dissolved in water, Himalayan Pink Salt becomes an ionic solution that helps to draw the toxins out of the skin
  • Celtic Sea Salt: builds immunity and helps to alkalise the body and prevents our kidneys from working overtime with acid waste
  • Bentonite Clay: healing clay that also cleanses the body. It helps to draw toxins out from the skin works as a natural exfoliation by removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, and in turn provides beautiful, glowing skin!
2. Coconut, Lime and Elderflower Candle
With scents of summer and being carefree.

Made from 100% Soy wax.
3. Byron Bliss - Clean Tea 
Chill out everyday with our Byron Bliss; calm with chamomile, cool with spearmint, fresh with lemon balm, and sweet with orange and hibiscus.
With calming properties, antioxidants and a delightful pink colour when served. 
  • Lemon Verbena:Calming and aids relaxation and sleep. A natural stress reliever which also relieves indigestion and any spasm (cramp/pain).
  • Chamomile: Calming and gently sedating, it will help promote restful sleep after a busy day. It is also anti-inflammatory and has a calming, healing effect on the digestive system. Also antiallergic.
  • Lemon Balm: Very calming and relaxing, relieves cramps/spasms.
  • Spearmint: Excellent for the whole endocrine system, balances and calms and promotes a sense of wellbeing.
  • Orange Segments: The orange oil in the peel is calming and relaxing, helps indigestion and appetite and has other benefits of being anti-inflammatory and anti-tumoural (cancer fighter) and improving circulation.
  • Hibiscus: Contains vitamin C and minerals and anthocyanins (antioxidant)                                                                                                                    
4.  She's Like Nothing The World Has Ever Seen Before
Bright and bold, this journal offers energetic artwork and powerful quotations that inspire women to find confidence. Plenty of lined pages to capture the day’s thoughts, musing, and prose.    
5. Positive Affirmation Card 
Each package comes with an Inspirational postcard with quote & saying on an original artwork from the very Talented and local artist in QLD "Emily the Maker." Not to be reproduced in any way.
Postcards are just the thing to pop in the mail to say thanks, hello, sorry or one of those ‘life is tough sometimes, I don’t know what to say but I’m here for you and love your guts’ messages.